Three Favorite (Hidden) Scrivener Features

Three Favorite Hidden Scrivener Features

Here are three of my favorite Scrivener features that can be hard to find. These are the first videos I've created for the blog, so I'd love any feedback in the comments. Were these features new to you?

A note: if you're new to Scrivener you may find my post on 5 Steps to Start with Scrivener more helpful.

1. Word Usage Statistics

Where to Find:  

From the top menu Select Project >> Statistics

Click on the Word Frequency icon at the bottom of the popup box to see more.

2. Name Generator

Name Generator in Scrivener

Where to Find:  

From the top menu Select Edit >> Writing Tools>> Name Generator 

Click on the small settings icon at bottom right of the window that opened, and you can select what kind of names you prefer (male, female, ethnicity, double barreled, alliterative etc).

3. Open as Quick Reference

Open as Quick Reference feature in Scrivener

Where to Find:  

Right click on the scene you wish to open and select Open >> As Quick Reference

You can do this with multiple scenes and have several open as floating windows on top of the scene you are working on.

Note: To ensure your new windows stay on top, from the top menu you may need to select Window >> Float Quick Reference Panels