My Writer Tech Toolkit

The Roost.jpg

I often get questions, as an ex-techie, on what I consider my core set of writing tech tools?

My author tech toolkit consists of the following

  • Scrivener (my core writing app, and I love it!)

  • ProWritingAid desktop version (integrates with Scrivener and I swear by it!)

  • Evernote for notes and reference materials, along with Captio (for quick notes on my phone when Evernote would take too long).

  • Canva for graphics paired with Fotor desktop version(extra photo editing if needed).

  • Excel for tracking my progress, whether querying agents or my words per day and progress to deadlines. I’ll admit I'm a bit of spreadsheet junkie.

  • For my web site and blog (this one) I used to use WordPress and MailChimp, but recently decided to transition to Squarespace (and their integrated email) for simplicity (because my writing time is precious!).

  • Hardware wise, I use a MacBook Air, and travel with a full size monitor, keyboard and mouse during long trips. The funny stand you see in the image above is called The Roost laptop stand, and it’s a back-saver in coffee shops and on the road.

  • For backup I’m on Backblaze online backup, in addition to Apple’s Time Machine software for mac, used with a physical backup drive.