Top Experiences in San Miguel de Allende


For those of you considering a visit to San Miguel de Allende, here's a run down of recommended must-not-miss experiences, or otherwise said, my favorite list of things to do as a local.

This is in addition to my favorite activity which will always be hanging in the Best Rooftop Bars in San Miguel de Allende.

Bask in the Colors

This might be my favorite part of San Miguel. Just wander the town and enjoy the colors and seasons. It seems like every day is a festival here and often you'll come across some random parade. Sometimes even the locals don't know why today is a party.

Canada de la Virgen Pyramid outside San Miguel

Cañada de la Virgen Pyramids

Yes pyramids, in Northern Mexio. Archaeologists didn't count this area as within the zone where they would find pyramids and yet just recently... tada! We took the tour with Albert Coffee with one of our guests and I thoroughly recommend it.


Murals and Street Art

This is a part of San Miguel that many miss, but in the last seven years the neighborhood of Guadalupe has come to life with amazing murals covering the sides of houses and warehouses, some by world famous artists who come to San Miguel just to paint.You can start at Via Organica cafe and wander from there, but the absolute best way to see and understand the murals is a tour by Muros en Blanco given by Colleen Sorenson, who has been one of the biggest proponents of supporting street art in San Miguel (ten years ago it was forbidden).

Horseback Riding through the Cactus

Just amazing to see the seasons change from flowering cactus to waterlogged rivers to dry again. There are lots of outfitters around town, but we've been loyal to Beth of Leisurely Country Horseback Riding who runs a great half day ride up to the top of a mountain ridge with friendly local guides and horses.

Los Senderos Hot Springs

Hot Springs

A fabulous way to relax and refresh after spending a few days wandering the city.

There are several hot spring pools just outside of town (a cheap ten to fifteen minute taxi ride). La Gruta, Escondido Place, Los Senderos being the ones we've enjoyed. This picture is Los Senderos.

Doors and Door Knockers

A bit like the colors, if you wander around Centro you'll come across the most fascinating doors and door knockers. There's a reason that Doors of San Miguel gives you hundreds of results on google images!

Bug Watching

If you follow my instagram you may have seen my post admitting to a VW Beetle Obsession. I finally got a photo of the gringo who drives around town in a car piled high with plush toys that changes by season. For Easter the car was piled high with bunnies and eggs. Valentines brought pink bears and hearts, and this photo has red, green and white for Mexican independence day in September.

Below are a few more of my favorite shots from the last months including a bug on top of a bug?

Rent a Car and Get out of Town

As if the items above weren't enough to keep you occupied for a week or two (add in walking tours, museums, great dining and rooftop bars), there also the option to rent a car and get out of town.We visited Queretero (quaint downtown), Guanajuato (colorful and fun), and the Sierra Gorda mountains and Huasteca Potosina (need a few days for this trip but amazing waterfalls and very different food). Bajigo rents car for a reasonable price per day, all insurance included.To finish, here's two shots of gorgeous Guanajuato.

Lainey in gorgeous Guanajuato

Lainey in gorgeous Guanajuato

City of Guanajuato

City of Guanajuato