Writer Tech Tips

I've been grateful every time a fellow author shows me a time-saving tip and try and return the favor. Below are a few tutorials writers may find useful. 

My author tech toolkit consists of the following

  • Scrivener (my core writing app)

  • ProWritingAid desktop version (integrates with Scrivener and I swear by it!)

  • Evernote for notes and reference materials, along with Captio (for quick notes on my phone when Evernote would take too long).

  • Canva for graphics paired with Fotor (extra photo editing if needed).

  • Excel for tracking my progress, whether querying agents or my words per day and progress to deadlines. I’ll admit I'm a bit of spreadsheet junkie.

Got a burning question on these apps or writer tech in general? Feel free to tag me on social media or email me.